Chief Technology Officer at GMDE Srl.

Sketchnoter, Lecturer and Visual Problem Solver
Former IT Director at Dmedia Group Spa.
Co-Founder at Rights Chain
Visit for the whole professional profile.

Chief Sketchnote Officer at Sketchnote Army.
Mountaineer, Cooking enthusiast and Shiatsu Pratictioner.

In 2013 I wrote the free ebook the Tao of Sketchnote. Feel free to download it and I'd be very happy to hear your comments!

In 2016 I released a printed book: 100+1 Drawing Ideas for Sketchnoters and Doodlers

As a kid I believed in three things: travelling with the power of mind, magic potion that heals and invisible friends.
Sketchnoting make my mind travels, visiting new countries and seeing new colors.
Coffee is my magic potion, it heals my soul.
Internet is where my invisible friends live in.

I'm happy and I'm grateful to Life for how I'm living.

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May 2016 - I published 100+1 Drawing Ideas Book

May 2015 - Innovazione Sistemica - my Visual Problem Solving system is described in the book at pag. 156-158

May 2015 - Introduction to Networking: How the Internet Works - Illustrator

Dec 2014 - "ACE! 2014 Conference Proceedings" ebook - 2 sketchnotes featured

Aug 2014 - "The Sketchnote Workbook" by Mike Rohde - featured sketchnoter (very proud of this!)

Aug 2014 - "147 VISUALS to inspire you to take action" free ebook by Scott Torrance - some sketchnotes featured


Nov 2016 - Mentioned in Sketchnoting: An Analog Skill in the Digital Age By Robert Dimeo - ACM Computer Society Newsletter Volume 46, Issue 3

Jun 2016 - Book review and Interview

Mar 2016 - Featured on Prof. Clayton Tumblr Blog Lettering Practice Lessons

Mar 2016 - Mentioned as Sketchnote Army's Chief Operating Sketchnoter on PiktoChart blog

Mar 2016 - One of my sketchnotes featured by Greg Satell on his website DigitalTonto and on FORBES

Jan 2016 - Featured on Moleskine's website for the Handwriting Day 2016 and also on CNN

Apr 2015 - Dr. Charles Severance Lecture at the Int. NCSC ONE Conference 2015 - featured as Coursera CTA (7h 29m 15s)

Nov 2014 - "The Sketchnote Workbook Featured Sketchnoter" - an online interview published on

Oct 2014 - Dave Cormier interview on "Journal of Pedagogic Development" - featured sketchnote

Oct 2014 - Mike Rohde's Interview on Systematic podcast - Mentioned as Sketchnote Army Curator

Jul 2014 - Libreria "La Cicala" - I'm officially "Faccia da Cicala"

Jul 2014 - Sketchnoting-Basics Online Course - Testimonial

Jul 2014 - Claire Holgate Blog - Introducing the #todaysdoodle doodlers!

May 2014 - Sketchnote Army - Curator

May 2014 - Daniele Barbieri's Blog - featured sketchnote

Nov 2013 - Dr. Charles Severance lecture on MOOCs at TEDxKalamazoo - featured as Coursera CTA (12m 42s)

Oct 2013 - Luoghi delle Parole - Lecturer


Dec 2015 - Giornale di Merate - Google Apps for Education lecture

Feb 2015 - Giornale di Merate - Dr. Chuck visit and Sketchnote Workshop

Jan 2015 - Giornale di Merate - "Teens and Internet" 7th graders Lecture

Nov 2014 - Giornale di Merate - "Sketchnote per tutti" Lecture

Oct 2014 - Giornale di Merate - "Hanno taggato Biancaneve" book presentation

Apr 2014 - Giornale di Merate - "Teen's Life on Internet" Lecture

Mar 2014 - Giornale di Merate - #WebCernusco Lectures

Dec 2013 - Giornale di Merate - "Web & Internet" Lectures

Nov 2013 - Giornale di Merate - "Web & Internet" Lectures

Oct 2013 - La Nuova Periferia - "A scuola senza carta" Lecture

Sep 2012 - Il Mondo - Interview

Feb 2009 - iGed Magazine - Interview

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1. Mike Rohde
2. Aaron Draplin
3. James Victore
4. Giorgia Lupi
5. Oliver Reichenstein


1. Ricardo Semler
2. Yvon Chouinard
3. Tina Roth Eisenberg
4. Jason Fried
5. Scott Belsky